Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Break Through? Maybe.

Today of course was not a school day. Today was a busy day filled with soccer and a Harvest Festival at a local church. However, between soccer and the Harvest Festival I had to make lunch for K and her best friend M who is spending the weekend. M is a fantastic eater and even eats things I won't eat like mushrooms and sushi. EW! I watch her eat and just wish K would eat as well as M does. Well, whenever M is here she is always reduced to eating the same boring foods that K is. I had never really thought to make her anything different before yesterday. But yesterday, I thought to myself am I really going to feed this poor child who can eat anything something off of K's menu? NO! So, I thought and thought. Hmm! Then it came to me! Both girls are huge fans of iCarly so why don't I make spaghetti tacos for lunch. K will only eat pasta with butter sauce and salt. As a baby she did eat spaghetti sauce and we have proof of it. I couldn't make up my mind on just one. 

 We recently visited a dietitian who suggested letting K pick out the pasta sauce and have her stir in just enough to make her spaghetti pasta red. Today, we used Barilla spaghetti pasta and Ragu sauce flavored with meat. No big chucks of tomato or anything just enough to give the noodles color for K. Well, she did it grudgingly. M and I mixed up the rest of the sauce and pasta real good so we got the yummy chucks. You know I am new to this whole blogging thing and didn't think to take a picture for the blog. Really I wasn't even thinking about blogging about this until I sat down at my computer and what a big step this was for K and I wanted it down in writing. Anyway, SHE ATE IT! M said it was very good. I was so happy. 

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