Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lunch #22

I don't have much to say today so on with K's lunch.

For her recess snack:
Oats 'n Honey granola bar

In this lunch is:
-Pineapple and strawberries
-Yogurt covered pretzels
-Pepperoni/mozzarella sandwiches
-Gummy Bears 

K saw a dietitian on Monday. K had liked carrots up until the last time I gave them to her in her lunch. The dietitian got it out of K that she no longer liked them because she got one that was so hard to bite she thought she was going to break her teeth. The dietitian suggested slicing them up so they were easier to bite into. So that is what I did this morning. I asked K after school if that helped and she said yes it did. Hmm!

The strawberries were fresh and the pineapple is Dole's. I drained the syrup and rinsed them in water and patted them dry. I stuck the cute Panda pick in the strawberries so K wouldn't have to use her hands to touch the fruit.

K's sandwiches are from a punch/press. Now that I have learned you are suppose to punch everything out individually and then make your sandwich they came out much nicer. The sandwiches are pepperoni, mozzarella on white whole wheat bread with mustard. In the middle are three flowers cut from a fruit strip with my veggie cutter.

Here are some yogurt pretzels. K won't eat yogurt but she will eat yogurt pretzels. haha

And this is what came home uneaten. UGH!

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