Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lunch #23

Oh my, do I need to go shopping we are out of just about everything. Hopefully, I can find time to stop by the grocery store tomorrow. It is going to be a busy weekend. I have fridays off so I am volunteering to help set-up the book fair tomorrow. Tomorrow night I will be scooping up a second child for the weekend. K's best friend M. Then we will be off to Family Fun Night (Halloween Party) at K's school. Anyway, back to today's sad lunch. It was a yellow day I guess.

K's snack:
-Cheetos Flaming Hot Limon (Daddy bought them for her.)

Her lunch:
-crackers and pepperoni
-Dole's pineapple
-sliced yellow peppers
-string cheese
-3 Gummi Bears

K doesn't like many things but she loves her bell peppers (no green please.)

String Cheese with a spoon. The spoon is for the pineapple but it fit so well with the cheese that is where it ended up.

These crackers and pepperoni are from the Hormel snack pack minus the cheddar cheese. K doesn't like cheddar cheese (makes me wonder if she was switched at birth). ;)

Dole pineapple cubes drained and rinsed.

HOPE you all have a happy Friday tomorrow!

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