Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lunch #17

I always want to shop at Trader Joe's and never do. "Why?" you ask. I'll tell you why because the closest Trader Joe's to my house is up the street and the parking is worse than trying to find parking in Newport Beach during the summer. Okay, it may not be that bad but it is a close second. Then one day while I was going to my friend's house to scrap book I passed a Trader Joe's on the same street as mine just farther north (no more than 5 minutes). So, I decided to try that one as the parking lot seems HUGE. I took K with me to try to get her to pick out some new things to try. That went as well as a dentist visit. Anyway, here is what I packed for today's lunch in her Planetbox. Ritz crackers with pumpkin shaped bologna and mozzarella cheese, sugar snap peas, pineapple (from Trader Joe's), Movie Theater Popcorn (from Trader Joe's), Cuties (for snack; I usually don't take a picture of her snack), 2 gummy bears and some Chocolate Sunflower Seed Drops (from Trader Joe's; they are just sunflower seeds covered with candy hard shelled chocolate). I wasn't sure she liked them since she pitched a fit in the store when I put them in the cart. So I added the 2 gummy bears so she would have a treat I knew she would like.

It was another good day; an empty Planetbox came home. Tomorrow K is going to buy lunch.

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