Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lunch #18

Once again I am late in posting! I have been laid up in bed with a migraine for  2 1/2 days. This lunch contained Trader Joe's movie theater popcorn, cherry tomatoes, pineapple and a pile of Ritz crackers, pile of pepperoni and pile of pepperjack cheese. I say a PILE because my husband glance at this photograph and said, "You gave K one pepperoni! You are starving her!

I really liked the popcorn idea but both times K asked me not to put it in her lunch. She said it gets soggy from either the cold pack or the juices from the other foods and who wants to eat soggy popcorn. She really likes the pepperjack cheese so I think we found a winner but I will keep trying other cheeses and she if she can find a few she enjoys.  

Due to the soggy popcorn and not being able to warm up anything I really have my eye on type of lunchbox... Laptop Lunches Bento-Ware. I am liking their idea because K can microwave certain parts of her lunch. This is becoming more and more appealing to me as K does not have that many main dish options. I have been trying to win all kinds of lunchbox giveaways to try out different ones but have yet to win. Boo hoo!

Tomorrow (which is actually October 17th) K will be buying lunch. Oh, she did take lunch today but I was in no shape for picture taking. I thought my head was going to explode. I am feeling better now so hopefully the migraine is on its way out.

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