Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review of the Planetbox Rover System

Since K bought lunch today I decided I (we) would review her Planetbox Rover Complete System. I have to tell you a friend of mine first purchased and turned me on to the Planetbox. My friend J is very green and wanted to make no waste lunches for her 2 kids. I believe she purchased 2 systems a year + ago and still has not used them because she is afraid her kids will lose them. Oh wait...back to me and K. It took me a good 6 months before I made the plunge. The cost is very scary unless you are made of money which I am not but some times think I am. ;) If you read my very first post you know K is a very picky eater. I thought the Planetbox would help me put together healthier lunches that were easy for K to eat.

K picked the perfectly pink Carry Bag with the groovy magnets. 

The Planetbox fits perfectly in the carry bag even when open. We put the ice pack in that black mesh area you can see in the picture below on your left.

It comes with a big dipper (left) and a little dipper (right) for wet foods.

We paid extra for the fork and spoon. K has used the fork once.

Compartment #1 is for your main dish. See the 4 raised bumps that is where you would put the big dipper if your main dish is a wet food like yogurt.

Compartment #2 is for fruits.

Compartment #3 is (where the little Planetbox symbol is) for a small dessert.

 Compartment #4 is for vegetables (see the raised 4 bumps that is where you would put the little dipper maybe filled with Ranch for the veggies).

Last, is the compartment #5. You could put pretzels, string cheese, chips or Pocky sticks in there.

So after about 2 months of using the Planetbox Complete Rover system here is what K and I found:

K's review
    Pros:                        Cons:
Food doesn't touch       too heavy
                       looks cool                    popcorn & chips get soggy 
                                                                      from condensation from ice pack

My review
Pros:                                                               Cons:
helps make healthy lunches                                price
no squashed lunches from kids stepping on it                             can't be microwaved
                    promotes waste free lunches               compartments are not leak-proof

After all is said and done I would definitely buy the Planetbox again however it would not have been my first waste-free lunch box choice. I think if I could go back I would have bought a microwaveable lunchbox first and then a Planetbox when I had the money. Actually, a Laptop Lunchbox is en route to our home now.

Please note: I am not paid by any supplier for my reviews. I have paid retail price for all products seen in my blog unless I have been lucky enough to find an online coupon or a sale. 

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