Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lunch #16

All right, I am getting pretty excited about K's Planetbox coming home empty. For October 4th's lunch K took sugar snap peas, cantaloupe shaped flowers, Cheetos with sour cream in the little dipper, Dove chocolate and bacon again. K said the bacon is the best part of the lunches now. I tried to explain bacon couldn't happen everyday as it is not all that healthy for you but she doesn't care. She loves her bacon!

So, again an empty Planetbox comes home. So pleased! She said she even shared a piece of bacon with her best friend at the lunch table (even they are told not to share). Her best friend told her she is so lucky because she gets bacon for lunch. lol

Fridays are Pizza days at school so K buys lunch and Monday she is buying lunch as well.

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