Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lunch #24

 This week as been a week from hell! It had such great potential though. I thought it was going to be awesome week. I received our brand new laptop lunch box (review to come later after we've used it a few times). I thought this was going to open a whole new level of possibilities for K. Now she would be able to microwave certain items. This is her first lunch in her laptop lunch box on Monday. I tried to make it a Halloween lunch.

In this lunch K has:
Cucumber pumpkins slices
Sliced strawberries
Goldfish pretzels
one of her favorites pasta with butter and salt. (With the lid off it can be microwaved and butter will melt; just the way K likes it).

I used a pumpkin cutter from a set I purchased from Pampered Chef (my favorite place to shop). We also have an eyeball pick from All Things for Sale. K decided today that she no longer likes cucumbers. UGH! I thought we had a break-through; no it was a break-down.

Sliced strawberries with a ghost pick.

One of K's favorite meals is plain pasta with melted butter and salt. I purchased the laptop specifically because it was sectioned and microwavable so you don't have to microwave the whole thing you could just take a section and pop it in the microwave.

And Goldfish pretzels with a witch's finger.

I thought this was the perfect lunch for K and that it would be all gobbled (I know, wrong holiday) up when I picked her up from school. Can I tell you I almost cried when I opened her laptop. It had hardly been touched. I asked what happened but you know 3rd graders. I get I don't know and a shrug of shoulders. After a little pressing this is when I was told K doesn't like cucumbers anymore. I say, "Okay, but what about the rest of the lunch?" I got it was fine. "SO WHY DIDN'T YOU EAT IT?" I scream in my head. UGH! 

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