Thursday, November 1, 2012


We also received our order of Easy Lunchboxes. I was a little kid jumping for joy. Now we have 3 different brands of lunchboxes to switch between and I don't have to spaz too much when K leaves her lunchbox at school. I tried to be creative and copied other with the mummy sandwich.

K's Halloween lunch:
Mummy Pepperoni sandwich
piece of dark chocolate candy

Baby carrots with a witch's finger. I thought even though they are the wrong color the carrots look a little like witch's fingers too.

Sliced strawberries with a Rest In Peace sign.

And the very cute mummy sandwich I have seen on so many other blogs. K doesn't like her cheese in her sandwich so I thought this was perfect.  She could eat the strips off and then eat the sandwich. I made the circle with a sandwich press from Pampered Chef. The sandwich is pepperoni with mustard.

Well, everything came home but the sandwich. It looked like the carrots and strawberries were hardly touched.

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