Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lunch #25

So now we move on to Tuesday. I was rushed, tired and frustrated after Monday's lunch returning home almost untouched so I grabbed the Planetbox. It wasn't until after I took the pictures that I realized I didn't use any picks or anything.  I grab a few and stuck them in as an afterthought.

K's Tuesday snack:
mini bag of Popcorn

K's Tuesday lunch:
Sliced yellow bell peppers
Sliced strawberries
Yogurt covered pretzels
Pepperoni and Pepperjack Cheese roll-ups with mustard

K's sliced yellow bell peppers. She will eat yellow, red and orange but not the green ones because they taste like dirt. Haha!

K doesn't like yogurt but she will eat yogurt covered pretzels. I have been buying a ton of different yogurts and having her try them to see if this yogurt is something we can add to her menu but so far it is a no go.

K recently decided she no longer like bread so we are using tortillas. I think I talked about that in a previous post.

And how can you go wrong with strawberries.

 Nothing special about this lunch except the fact that I expected her to eat it. AND she didn't. She said the roll-ups got all messed up in the Planetbox and looked gross so she didn't eat it. WHAT? Come on, just put it back together.

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