Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lunch #27

Okay, now we are caught up. This was today's lunch. I can't believe Halloween is over now. But I believe it when I got home from work. My husband had already took down the Halloween flag in front of our house and put out the Thanksgiving one. It reminded how quickly the rest of this year is going to fly by with the Holidays.

K's Thursday lunch:
Crackers, pepperoni and cheese
yogurt covered pretzels
laffy taffy from last night

I cut up the baby carrots to make them more bite sized.

Sliced strawberries with a cute new pick I got.

Crackers, pepperoni and pepperjack chili cut cheese, yogurt preztels and K's favorite Laffy Taffy.

Well, I just realized I haven't looked in her lunchbox which is the first thing I usually do when we get home. But today, I feel like she has won the war. I asked her when she got in the car, "How was lunch?"  She said, "You won't like it. I didn't eat it." WHAT? These are the things she likes; the only things she will eat. I hate wasting all this food, time and energy. Hold on! I am going to go look in the lunchbox right now and see how bad it really is. Okay, I am back. She ate all the pepperoni and cheese, all but 2 crackers, all the yogurt pretzels and the laffy taffy. She left the carrots (I'll tell you why in a second). Maybe ate half the strawberries. Back to the carrots: She told me she doesn't like carrots anymore either now. UGH!!!!! Why is she eliminating food from her menu without adding new ones to replace it. I got so mad when she told me that that I said I was done. No more lunches. She will have to buy school lunches from now on. K said she doesn't like them. I said you don't eat mine so what's the difference. She was buys on Fridays because it is pizza day. We will see what happens on Monday. Good Night and have a Wonderful Weekend.

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