Monday, November 5, 2012

Lunch #28

I wasn't sure this blog was going to continue last Thursday. It was such a bad week after having a pretty successful week. I just got so frustrated that K is moving backwards with her eating habits instead of forward. I had told K I was not going to make lunches anymore. I told her she would have to buy the school lunch now everyday whether she wanted it or not. Oh, she pitched a fit. "BUT I DON'T LIKE WHAT THEY MAKE!", she wailed.  I told her what difference does it don't eat my lunches and you won't eat their lunches. She really didn't have an excuse so I thought to myself if she can't answer me this why should I bother. I was done as of Thursday making lunches and blogging. I figured if I didn't blog no one would miss me but my one follower (dear hubby). 

Well, over the weekend I won a giveaway I had entered over at What's In Our Lunch Bags for a 3 months subscriptions to MOMables. I have so wanted to try MOMables but haven't because K is so selective (our new word for picky). 

I also received an email from the dietitian K saw a couple of weeks ago. In it, she offered to put K in this study with 2 other 8 year old girls who were also selective eaters. Oh my, how great would that be to get K in there. We are waiting to hear if our insurance will cover the weekly visits.  

I was pleasantly surprised to get 3 more followers to my blog. To my 3 new followers...Hello and I hope you will feel free to comment and give advice on my selective eater. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Finally, when K saw the school lunch menu she had a meltdown and practically begged me to continue to make lunches for her. I told her only if she eats it all. Now some of you are probably thinking she will just toss out what she doesn't eat but K is very honest when it comes to this and will not throw food out at school. I have put a candy in her lunch and told her she couldn't eat it if she didn't finish everything else first and bet your bottom dollar that candy came home with her unfinished lunch. So without further delay here is K's lunch for today.

K's lunch for Monday, November 5th, 2012:
  • rice with A-1 sauce
  • corn on the cob
  • Jell-o
  • goldfish pretzels
  • fruit leather

K loves white rice but not with soy sauce like the rest of the world. This girl puts A-1 steak sauce on it. It is the grossest thing I have ever tasted. But that is what she likes. I have never given her rice before because all we had was a Planetbox and you can't microwave steel. Well, you could but you wouldn't want to. So K took her Laptop Lunch section and asked a teacher to microwave it for her. Yay! 

Also, new to lunch was some corn on the cob. K loves corn on the cob. She asked a teacher to microwave this too for 30 seconds. I forgot to give her a little butter on the side to put on the corn but I had butter it before packing. Anyways, a nice teacher gave her a side of butter for it.

Jell-O is also new to lunch but also new to K. We were at the store the other day and asked to try Jell-O. I said sure pick a flavor. She picked lime and over the weekend we made Jell-O gingerbread men. Haha Above is what was left of one of them after trying to get it out of the Jell-O mold. I just researched it and see that you should dip the mold in warm water to be able to get them successfully. I will try that tomorrow. K loved the lime Jell-O and has almost eaten all that we made.  Bill Cosby would be proud. I guess I just dated myself by mentioning Bill Cosby. Oh well! 

So, I ordered silcone muffin cups the other day and when they came was surprised to find they were mini. Haha! Note to self read description thoroughly before ordering. I decided to keep them. This one is filled with goldfish pretzels. Besides them is a Trader Joe's fruit leather punched into zeros. Why zeros? I don't know. Honestly I was running late this morning and it was the first thing I grabbed.

For the closer, K left her lunch bag at school. I noticed as soon as she got in the 2013 Nissan Altima rental car I've had for a few days (soon to be returned) that she was lunch bag-less. We didn't have time for her to go get it I had 14 minutes to get her across town for annual doctor's appointment. However, I did ask her how much she ate and she said, "All of it! So you have to make me lunch again tomorrow." I chuckled to myself.


  1. Congrats on winning the giveaway! You can even enter in other ones.. you'd have your subscription extended to 6 months if you won! Hope you love Momables!! We think it's great!

    1. Oh I didn't know that Sarah. I will wait until I get my subscription to enter others to make sure it works for K. I had been wanting to try MOMables but K is so selective about want she eats I thought it would be a waste of money. This will be a great way for me to try it out. Thanks for the comment!