Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lunch #30

You know I don't know how the other bloggers keep up with their blogs. I always seem to fall behind. I guess I need to move it up further on the priority ladder. I decided to have K more involved in her lunch making. This is K's lunch for 11/07/12.

  • White rice w/ A-1 sauce
  • corn on the cob w/ butter
  • strawberries
  • M & M's

White rice which is one of K's favorite meals (if you can call it a meal). 

In the Mini Dipper there is a scoop of butter for K to put on her corn on the cob after a teacher microwaves it for her. Also, in the very cute tomato sauce container is A-1 sauce. The only thing K will ever put on her white rice (yuck). Underneath the sauce container is a Halloween bag of plain M & M's.

Corn on the cob (which was cut in half)

Finally we have sliced strawberries.

Well, I guess it was a good thing to have K pick her lunch out herself. She ate it all!

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