Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lunches #8, #9 & #10

WOW! I did not realize how quickly you can get behind on blogging and not remember where you are at. As I said in the last post K had asked for the exact same lunch that she had on Thursday. Here is K's lunch for Friday. She got cut up strawberries, Honey Nut Cheerios, cucumber slices with black olives and rolled up pepperoni. 

 I have no after picture. I think I decided not to take after pictures anymore as they are not very appetizing.  Well, I have to say I was sadly disappointed when we got home from school. She ate all the strawberries but she left a good amount of the Cheerios and cucumber slices with olives.  I thought it was the best lunch ever. What happened? She had no explanation.

On Monday, I used a Smart Planet Collapsible Eco Lunch box. I had bought this some time last year for Katie. I think we used it a few times and then it went in the cupboard. I pulled it out on Monday because Katie had been complaining the Planetbox was too heavy. I will review it at a later date along with a review on the Planetbox. For now, let's get back to lunch. K had grapes, chili peppers cut-outs of cucumbers with olives (again), flower shaped cut-out Bologna, buttery crackers and red bell peppers. 

Surprisingly K ate all the bologna, red bell peppers and grapes. She left some of the buttery crackers and a lot of the cucumbers with olives. I just realized I have been giving her a lot of cucumber with olives lately. I had a talk with K about being wasteful. I hate throwing away her leftovers. I try to get her to eat them when we get home from school. Some times she will and some times she won't. It took a while to get to the bottom of it but I think it boils down to... I am giving her too much food.

K surprises me almost everyday. Now she tells me she would like to try a salad with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers with no salad dressing. Okay, I am game.  So, today (oh good, I am finally caught up) K gets her salad, Cheerios, sliced red bell peppers with olives and a Cutie (peeled and separated). I felt this lunch had less so hopefully we will be good.

You know I think I need to still post pictures of what comes back home after school. I feel like I am not documenting the whole ordeal. Even though I felt like I packed less some of this still came home. Some lettuce, 2 tomatoes (even though she asked me for more tomatoes next time) and Cheerios. I will try to pack even less tomorrow I guess.

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