Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lunches #6 & #7

This was K's lunch this past Tuesday. Monday she had bought lunch and wasn't very happy with it once again. So, she had star cucumbers, grapes, Gardetto's mix, pepperoni frog sandwich with candy eyes and 2 Gummi Bears.

This is what came home. I did not feel it was a successful day. I sat down with K to figure out why she is not eating her sandwiches. She said she like the meat but guess it is the bread. Okay, not sure I like that considering she doesn't eat much to beginning with. What will be her main dish if she doesn't want sandwiches anymore. Hmm?

Wednesday K was pulled out of school early (so no lunch). We never pull her out of school however I was receiving an once in a lifetime award at work and really wanted her to be there for the luncheon.  It was a really big deal.  K at times struggles with homework and says she doesn't need school. I wanted to be able to show her that with hard work in school you can make something of yourself and be recognized for your hard work.

So back to school on Thursday. I felt like we were running late and just kind of threw stuff in the Planetbox. K had Cheerios, strawberries, the left over cucumbers from the star cut outs on Tuesday mixed with black olives. I left out the bread and rolled up some pepperoni and cheese. Oh and 2 Gummi Bears!

I have no after picture of this one because SHE ATE IT ALL! PRAISE THE LORD! She said it was the best ever and could she have it again tomorrow (Friday). Friday she always buys lunch because it is pizza day. I reminded her and she said she wanted her Planetbox lunch instead. 

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