Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lunch #4

In today's lunch I tried Jif's chocolate flavored peanut butter made into little rounds with a frog face pressed in the middle.  As you can see I am still trying to get the hang of the cutters. Also packed black olives, red bell peppers the famous Dove candy and something new...Town House Buttery Crackers

Grandma picks K up on Wednesday since it is a minimum day. When I got to Gram's house K was nibbling on her leftovers. She tried and ate one whole sandwich round. She stated, "I do not like peanut butter! No matter the flavor."  I guess that puts an end to trying to get her to eat peanut butter. (If you are wondering why the other 3 sandwich rounds aren't in the picture, it is because I gobbled them up.)  The crackers were a hit though. She asked me where I got them as they were so delicious. :-)  

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