Thursday, September 6, 2012

Second day of school; First lunch with her Planetbox

The second day of school K took her Planetbox packed with items I know she would enjoy and something new.  This is what it looked like.

It was packed with Jif Mocha Cappuccino peanut butter and Strawberry Jam mini flower sandwiches,  raspberries, butterfly shaped cucumbers, Cheez-Its and a dark chocolate Dove candy.  Raspberries, cucumber, Cheez-Its and Dove candy are things K will already eat but not usually this much and for lunch.  The mini-sandwiches was the something new.  K does not like peanut butter or jam.  When I spotted the Mocha Cappuccino flavored peanut butter I thought she might be willing to try it.  She loves anything coffee flavored.  Blame her father and great-grandfather for that one. :-)  She loves strawberries so I thought maybe if I lightly spread the jam it might not be so bad.  I was excited to pick her up after to school to hear if it was a hit or miss.  When I picked her up she told me she ate all her raspberries and most of her cucumbers and Cheez-Its.  Hmm?  I asked about the sandwiches and she said, "Well, I tried one three times but after each bite I had to take a big drink of my apple juice.  I did not like the jam!"  Ugh, my heart sank.  Here is a picture of what came home. Sorry, I did not get a picture of the sandwiches as I was hungry and gobbled them up before I thought to take the picture.  Just imagine there were two complete ones and one with three little nibbles out of it.

I would say she did a great job on the cucumbers and Cheez-Its.  Oh and she didn't eat the Dove candy because she said she did not finish her sandwiches.  I allowed her to have it for being a trooper and trying the sandwiches.  Tomorrow she is opting for school lunch since it is Pizza.  Monday I will try again.  If you have any ideas of a substitute for jam in a peanut butter and ? sandwich please let me know and I will try it. 


  1. My kids like peanut butter and bananas. My husband did that for them and they loved it!

    1. Bananas? Hmm? That is definitely worth a try. Thanks for the tip Crystal.