Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lunch #5

So I am going to date myself right now.  Anyone remember Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? Today was an "Excellent" day.  K had a pepperoni and mustard heart and 2 mini flower sandwiches, peeled and cut cucumbers, hulled and cut strawberries, Town House buttery crackers and Dove candy.  For snack time, K had grapes.

Here is the "excellent" part. She ate it all! However not all at lunch time but she loved her lunch. When she got in the car after school she opened it up to finish what she didn't get to finish at lunch. The grapes I put next to her dinner plate and she finished those too.  I have to say how good it felt not to throw anything away today.

K has chosen to buy lunch tomorrow and Monday at school so I won't have another post until Tuesday. 

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